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Ligaya - The Way of Joy.

Find Joy & Selflove in Being You.

Are you struggeling with the way you see yourself? 

Do you want to lose weight or/and build muscle? 

It is hard for you to find motivation? 

Are you dealing with an eating disorder, emotional eating and can’t find a way to stop the circle? 

Do you have the feeling there is no way out? 

Let me show you the opposite: Change is possible. I’ve been there, and I managed it. Find back to joy and selflove in being you. 

Picture of Stefanie Grace (Nini)

Why "Ligaya" - What's the Meaning?

The word “Ligaya” has its heritage, like me, in the Philippines and means “Joy”. Enjoy life, enjoy every moment and most importantly – enjoy yourself. Ligaya represents the joy and selflove in being yourself as you are.  

Realize your full power, your full potential and find joy and selflove in being you. 

Love & Light

Yours Nini (Aka. Stefanie Grace Falkner)

My Offer For You

Private Online Coaching

Are you struggeling with:

– your weight?
– emotional eating?
– your motivation?
– the way you see yourself?

I know that game, I’ve been there and I found a way out. 

Start your private coaching with me and find your own way.

Yoga Beginners Programm

Available in German or English / Starting in March 2021

– Start your practice. 
– Deepen your practice. 
– Learn more about alignments. 
– wherever you want.
– whenever you want. 

Book your 6-Weeks-Online-Program   

Yoga All Ages

– Kids Yoga
– Yoga for Seniors

Community Yoga
The beautiful thing about Yoga is – there are not limitations beacuse of your age or your physical conditions. 

You are never too old nor to young to start your practice.

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is more than just chocolate… 
It’s a heart medicine.

The Cacao Spirit communicates with us through the heart with unconditional love and joy. 

Come an sit with me in ceremony and connect with mother earth, nature, with yourself.

Picture of Stefanie Grace (Nini)

Any questions left?
Just get in touch with me.

A woman who was doing yoga classes and workouts with Stefanie Grace
Nini’s teaching has given me a deeper understanding of how my body and mind interact, transition, and connect through different yoga flows. Her practices are easy to follow and help me calm my mind, but at the same time they always include a little challenge to explore. This has helped me improve my fitness level and body awareness, not only when practicing yoga, but also for many other sports such as climbing, mountain biking, HIIT as well as endurance trainings. I immensely appreciate Nini as a yoga, fitness, and mental coach, and can only recommend taking up classes and coaching sessions with her!
Julia, 30
Retreat & Class Participant
Picture of a personal client of Stefanie Grace
Working with Nini is especially fun because she has adapted her workouts based on my strengths. For example, a yoga class that felt like dancing. Besides being a great sports partner (not just a trainer), she has a particularly appreciative way of allowing you to feel comfortable from the first moment and to talk honestly about feelings that come up in this work with yourself. I quickly felt understood by her and had no reason to be ashamed of it thanks to her warmth with which she catches you. Through her support I have not only progressed in the sport (physically) but also mentally because she offered me the support I needed to progress myself.
Saskia, 27
Retreat & Class Participant

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