About Me

How I Found Joy in My Life...

And Became Friends With Myself.

My yogic journey started in 2011 when I got introduced to power yoga as an additional way to work out. At this time I struggled with an eating disorder and had a really bad relationship with my body. However, a few years later when I started therapy, I discovered that my yoga practice not only shapes my body, but more importantly, my mind. I came to realize, that yoga is not only a “work-out” but also a “work-in”: helping me to accept myself the way I am, and at the same time, to cultivate more self-love and happiness.

Stefanie Grace Falkner aka. Nini

Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition All Need To Be in Balance To Ensure a Healthy and Happy Life.

What do “yoga, fitness & nutrition” mean to me? 

In short, to me, yoga means “to feel”. First, it’s the food I eat and the liquids I drink that create feelings in my body. Second, it’s all the movements I give to my body that affect my well-beeing.

So, consequently, it is really important to be able to read my own emotions and to know what I have to do to reach the stage where I can feel the best. Luckily, there are many basic things and tools we can easily adopt in our everyday life that help us become more mindful about our health and find balance as well as happiness. 

“It all starts in our mind and it all ends in our mind, and we are stronger than we think: so just do it and become the very best version of yourself and… enjoy yourself!”


Stefanie Grace (Nini) on her graduation day

My Educational Journey...

Yoga Anatomy 20 hrs. – Yoga Medicine w. Tiffany Cruikshank

Kids Yoga Training 50 hrs. – Rainbow Kids 

Yoga 50+  26,5 hrs. – w. Ursula Salbert, Bern 

Katonah Yoga Immersion 30 hrs. – w. Dages Juvelier Keates 

Yoga Teacher Training 500 hrs. – Rishikesh, India 

Health- and Vital Coach – Sports University of Vienna 

Magistra of biology and nutrition, Teachers degree – University of Vienna

Picture of an online client of Stefanie Grace

Nini was an important component on my own yoga-journey. She is a really passionate teacher and you can feel that seh really loves to share her passion with others. What I like most about her classes is the mix between challenging positions combined with a lot of time for the inner focus. She helped me to understand and feel what it means to "connect the mind and the body".

Michaela, 28
Online Yoga Student
A picture of the sister of Stefanie Falkner, Ligaya Yoga

As her sister I know Nini her whole life and I can ensure that Yoga has changed her in a beautiful way. Since she discovered and integrated Yoga into her life, she is more self-confident, mindful of her self-value. She appreciates her body more and strengthens her mind. Yoga took a big place in her every day life and most important: Nini is really gifted to share the joy and the fulfillment she experiences in Yoga with others. That‘s what you feel in her classes!

Ella, 30
Class Participant
Picture of Stefanie Grace (Nini)

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