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Stefanie Grace is doing a workout next to the river

Summer Tour CH/AUT

July ¦ Switzerland, Basel

August ¦ Austria, Vienna, OÖ

Yoga, Movement & Fitness
Every Tue in July ¦ 18:30 Yoga
Every Thr in July ¦ 18:30 Movement & Fitness
both in Solitude Park

Kids Yoga Camp with Yoga Bloom
5.-8. July ¦ 12.-15. July (bilingual) ¦ The Looking Glass

Workout Yoga Brunch with Renato Montañés
10. Juli ¦ 10:00 am -12:00 pm ¦ Location tba

Cacao Ceremony
16. July ¦ 20:00 – 22:00 ¦ The Looking Glass (english)

Private Coching / Groups
Message me for private Yoga Classes,
Personal Trainings and Coachings


Vienna, Austria 
Cacao Ceremony
7. August 19:30 – 21:30 @ Donauinsel
Yogability Class & Shared Brunch
8. August 10:30 – 12:30 @ Donauinsel

Linz, Austria 
Yoga & Brunch
21. August ¦ 10:30 ¦ Location tba

Altenfelden, Austria
Cacao Ceremony
20. August ¦ 19:30 – 21:30 ¦ Location tba
Yoga & Shared Brunch
28. August ¦ 10:30 – 12:30 Location tba

Private Coching / Groups
Message me for private Yoga Classes,
Personal Trainings and Coachings


Yoga, Movement & Fitness ¦ Basel ¦ July

Stefanie Grace (Nini) is doing a workout outdoor next to the river

Yogability “Yoga and Mobility”
Every Tuesday in July 18:30 – 19:30 ¦ << Solitude Park >> 

In this class, elements of mobility training are mixed with vinaysa yoga. The result is a dynamic flow some times experimental exercises and positions. The arrival at the beginning of the class is just as important as the final relaxation in Shavasana at the end of the class. 

Movement & Fitness 
Every Thursday in July 18:30 – 19:30 ¦ << Solitude Park >>

In this class, elements of functional training, own-body-weight-training and animal movements are creating a shaping and strengthening class for the whole body. A warm-up before and a cool-down after the workout are always part of the class. All levels are welcome. 

Pricing: pay how much you can give and what is appropriate for you. 
Suggested donation lower income: ~ 15 chf
Suggested donation normal income: ~ 20 chf
If you like to join all of the classes you can also give a one-time donation in the beginning or end of July. 

Please bring: own yoga mat, water bottle, towel

Workout Yoga Brunch with Renato Montañés ¦ Basel ¦ July 10th ¦ 10:00 -12:00

Starting with ~ 50 minutes of Workout led by Renato, where you  use your own-body-weight to train and strengthen your body. 

Followed by a ~  50 minutes Yoga Session led by Nini, where we take time to cool down, giving the body some nice and gentle  stretches in a dynamic Yogability Flow. 

Ending the session together with a well deserved shared, vegetarian Brunch*, good talks, laughts and enjoying the refreshing water at the Rhein.

Where: Location tba. (probably Birsköpfli)

Pricing: pay how much you can give and what’s appropriate for you. Non-binding registration desired.

Please bring: own yoga mat, water bottle, towel, swim wear
*please let us know in the sign up, what you would like to contribute to the brunch. 

Picture of Renato and Nini (Stefanie Grace)

Cacao Ceremony ¦ Basel ¦ July 16th ¦ 20:00 - 22:00

Drinking and honouring the cacao in ceremony with Ligaya, Stefanie Grace

~ Connect With Pacha Mama, With Nature, With Yourself ~

@ Looking Glass Basel 

Cacao is more than just chocolate – it’s a heart medicine. The spirit communicates with us through the heart with joy & unconditional love.
On a physical level cacao provides a huge number of precious nutrients for the body and a lot of benefits for the mental & emotional state of being

In ceremony we sit together in circle and share the cacao, share gratitude. You will experience a deep connection to mother earth, to nature and to yourself.

Elements of the gathering:
sharing the cacao ¦  guided meditation ¦ moving the body

Please bring: your favourite cup, yoga mat, water bottle, talisman, crystals or whatever you would like to bring in ceremony with you.

Normal: 30 chf
Students: 40 chf

Limited spots please sign up! 

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Practice With Me on Zenia

Zenia is a revolution when it comes to online yoga, because it gives you real-time feedback. The app is able to compare your alignment, with the alignment of the teacher, so it becomes easier for you to correct your posture. Simple, easy and so rewarding and beneficial. You can find short sequences with me in different themes.
Use the promo Code “Nini” to get 50% off for your annual subscription and << find my course here >>.

Nini in the Zenia App

Find Guided Mediations on Insight Timer

Stefanie Grace Ligaya is doing Yoga oudoor

Sometimes it’s hard for us to mediate alone – sometimes it’s difficult to stay focused. 

I love to guide you in your meditation, to arrive in the moment, to calm down the flactulations of the mind and find stillness in the body. 

Explore yourself from the inside and see what beautiful changes you can experience after time. 

<< Find and follow my course on Insight Timer here >>