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Stefanie Grace (Nini) is doing a workout outdoor next to the river

Fitness & Nutrition

Moving the body is a very natural thing. Knowing how to nourish the body and knowing when to stop should be intuitive. 

But somehow, we have lost the ability to listen to the needs of our body. Emotional eating and a lack of movement has become a very commonly observed pattern in our society.
However, you have the ability to change!

You want to build strength? You want to lose weight? You want to learn specific skills? You want to get your diet in control without having it to control? There is always a way. Everyone can do it. You just need to find out what kind of training suits you the best, and what kind of nutrition is best for you. It’s not all black and white. We all have different bodies and different conditions. To find out more and to start your journey towards your personal goals feel free to << Contact me >> anytime. 

Stefanie Grace (Nini) is doing a workout outdoor next to the river
Stefanie Grace doing a meditation next to the river
Stefanie Grace doing a meditation next to the river

Yoga & Meditation

Why yoga? What does yoga mean? Do I have to be flexible to start with yoga? How do I start with meditation?

yogaś-citta-vr̥tti-nirodhaḥ – Yoga is the practice that helps us to stop the fluctuations of the mind. (PYS 2/1)
Yoga means union – “to unite”. 

If you put two things together they become one. And this is what Yoga is about – to connect body & mind to become ONE.

“Yoga always brings me back into my body, into this present moment. I feel connected with my own true self.” The great thing in Yoga is that everyone can do it. You don’t need anything but your body. You don’t have to be flexible to start out. Throughout the practice, you will gain flexibility in your body as well as in your mind.

Whenever you feel ready to start your practice, feel free to << Contact me >>

What I Offer

You have different options on how to start your journey with me, depending on your needs and your age. 

Are you struggling with losing weight and/or/ building muscle? 
Is it hard for you to find motivation?
Are you dealing with emotional eating and can’t find a way to stop the cycle?
I know that game. I’ve been there and I know there is a way out

In private coaching with me, we will determine what training suits you best regarding your goals and what kind of nutrition is best for your body. 

How it works

After your first message << Contact me here! >> the first step will be a free video call to get to know each other and talk about your ideas. Once we did the consultation we will start together working towards your goals.

3 Month of coaching

You will get one video call with me once per week in which we will recap the previous week and talk about everything important regarding your mindset and motivation.  Additionally you will get videos for daily activation and mediation and yoga routines and a workout plan, based on your goals. A nutrition program is always included, where you get to know yourself better and learn how to change certain patterns into healthy habits. It’s always beneficial to work on your own personal growth.  

If none this doesn’t fit your expectations, feel free to reach out and we will find an individual, customized solution.


It all starts in your mind and it all ends in your mind.
You are stronger than you think. 

Reach out and send me a message for pricing. First call for free!

Available in German or Englisch – 39 € – Lifelong Access 

<< Hier gehts zur deutschen Beschreibung und mehr Informationen >>

<< Here you find the english description and more informaitons >>

Do you want to start with yoga but feel overwhelmed by the different options of styles and studios?
Are you hesitating to go to a class because you’ve never done yoga before?
Do you want to deepen your practice by learning about the alignment and the asanas?

In that case, this online program fit you perfectly.
Transform your obstacles into your petential.

A 6 weeks online program to start or deepen your practice. You can practice wherever you want to. The program is structured in 6 moduls each modul with two classes.

As soon as you booked the course << Book here >> you get the online accsess to the whole content and you can go through the program in your own pace – ideally you complete 1 module per week. After each modul you fill out a questionnare to keep me updated on your progress and to clarify ambiguities. This is all included in the pricing.

Your time investment: 1 – 2 hrs. per week


Module 1

Introduction and Yoga Flow to see where you currently are with your practice. Talk about the basics of yoga philosophy and its benefits. After learning more about breathing techniques, we start with the physical part of our practice.

  • Introduction to Yoga: Why Yoga? What is it about? The power of OM
  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Introduction to Asanas

Module 2

Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskar

We build the foundation for the most known yoga sequence – the Sun Salutation. Step by step we work through the different poses and we practice different variations of the Sun Salutation.

  • Benefits of Sun Salutation
  • Foundations and alignments of every posture
  • Different variations of the Sun Salutation

Module 3

Standing Asansas

All about standing Asanas in all different variations, including balancing, twisting and strengthening poses.

  • Benefits
  • Different standing poses
  • Balancing poses

Module 4

Forward Bending/ Backward Bending

Forward folding and backward bending always comes together. We practice these two movements in standing, sitting and laying variations.

  • Benefits
  • Heart opening
  • Stretching and strengthening the back and front side of the body

Module 5

Turn the world upside down – Inversions

Inversion poses not only look fancy, they provide a huge spectrum of benefits to the body and mind. Step by step we work through the different variations of inversion poses. When it comes to inversions, everyone has his/her own individual skill level, and will find a new challenge to take on and an opportunity to learn in this module.

  • Benefits
  • Techniques
  • All variations – bringing the heart higher than the head

Module 6

Putting it all together.
After having coverde many different poses, it is time to put them all togehter in an activating yoga flow. Now, you have the building blocks to create your own flows, practice at home and join classes at a studio.

  • Yoga Philosophy Talk
  • Full Vinyasa Flow

How to sign up?

You can simple just book with the bottom below – it will lead you to Paypal.
After sending the amount of 39 € you will get an E-Mail with all the informations and the course!

If you like to

Just do it and become the very best version of yourself.

Price for 6 Weeks Online Program: € 39 Lifelong access

Kids love to move. They love to play together and to use their imagination. In Kids Yoga we’re moving and playing mindfully, we’re having fun and giving the body time to relax. 

It is the imagination that I want to encourage in a Kids Yoga Class, connecting and playing with each other in a respectful and playful way. Asanas and Pranayama are always part of a Kids Yoga class, as well as calming down and relaxing the body after class. 

Have fun together in a mindful way.

You are never too old to start your practice – by using the chair and different props, yoga practice becomes accessible and enjoyable for everyone. There are no limits because of your age or your physical condition. 

In a class with seniors, we using a lot of props to support the asanas and to get the most out of your practice. Next to meditation, pranayama and a long relaxation in the end, we always focus on coordination and balance.

It is never too late nor too soon – you are right on time. 

Cacao is more than just chocolate – it’s a heart medicine. The spirit communicates with us through the heart with unconditional joy & love & gratitude.

On a physical level cacao provides a huge number of precious nutrients for the body as for the emotional state of being. In ceremony we sit togehter in circle and share the cacao, share gratitude and the energy we create.
Elements of cacao ceremonies with me are guided meditations, moveing the body to rhythms and music and expressing the feelings through dance. 

 Connect With Pacha Mama, With Nature, With Yourself.

Picture of Marjorie a private client of Ligaya Stefanie Grace

Ligaya Yoga is not just literal, It can actually be felt physically and mentally. Nini is very competent, clear, patient and motivating in guiding and performing the exercises. Especially the many little tips and cues have brought me to perform the individual positions correctly. Above all, she always goes after each "session" according to my situational momentary need, so that I can work on it specifically at that time. Performance and price ratio is absolutely reasonable. I even get little "extras" in the form of beautiful training backgrounds. Thank you for the great, joyful yoga classes with you. Namaste, Ligaya Yoga! Recommendation value: highly satisfied!

Marjorie, 40+
Private Coaching
Personal Trainer who is practicing Yoga with Ligaya Stefanie Grace

I was never a Yogi to be honest here.. But having witnessed with what conviction and tenderness Nini is treatinig others and how all of these people have managed to gain so much flow into their movements made me curious and finally tried her course. To this day i am truly greatfull for every second i have spent with nini and i have managed to work and change all these little issues that i have had regarding my body simply by showing up on the mat with her. Thank you Nini! You have helped me tremendously!

Class & Private

A soft and easy but persistent flow, taking you to an all-embracing journey thorough body mind and soul, animated and dreamlike but demanding full concentration and commitment, eventually dismissing you relaxed and strong and in high spirits. Flabbergasting good.

Monika, 60+
Senior Class Participant, online & life

I know Nini from yoga lessons. She’s a lovely person. The lessons have the perfect balance between meditation, strength and flexibility in a perfect flow. Once I was part of the growth retreat. One of the best experiences in my live. I learned a lot of my body, my mind, my mindset and myself. It helped me to reach new levels. Take a lesson and you will know.

Mirko, 30
Class and Retreat Participant
Picture of Stefanie Grace (Nini)

Any questions left? Just get in touch with me.