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Picture of Renato and Nini (Stefanie Grace)

From Stress to Bliss - Growth Retreat BALI

9 Day Retreat for the Modern Day Self-Starter

 << with a deep dive into body and mind, learn to transform the stress of your outdated hustles and patterns into a strong foundation of clarity and bliss >>

Hotel and Garden Area, Bali Retreat Ligaya Yoga

About the Retreat

Are you a go-getter?
Do you feel driven to improve the lives of others?
Always pursuing your next big project?

Being a go-getter has its perks.
You can easily identify what you want and dream big.
But if that incredible drive isn’t managed properly, feelings of motivation can quickly turn into stress and anxiety. 

How can you stop feeling so overwhelmed while trying to achieve your goals?

And what matters most during your daily hustle?

When we decide to become the pioneers of our own change and transformation, it’s essential to not only learn how to harness the body and mind, but to create a harmonious cohesion between the two.

That way, we can truly feel bliss and enjoyment during our daily hustle, instead of stress and anxiety from our overwhelming to-do lists of not being where we want to be yet.

On the beautiful island of Bali, we will guide a small group of participants through an adventure of body and mind, to establish lasting habits of meditation, functional training routines, yoga, and nutrition. A balanced body and mind means more bliss, and less stress.

Are you committed to leaving behind old chapters, harnessing your true potential, and embracing a new stage of your life? If you’re a movement enthusiast, spiritual seeker, curious worklife heroin / hero, a nomadic martial artist or teacher, this is for you.

Mediation at the beach in the Growth Retreat

Retreat Benefits


A life-changing transformation from stress to joy!
A deep-felt sense of happiness and peace
That ‘AHA’ moment of clarity towards your next steps in life
A better understanding of your body and your mind
An abundance of ‘you’ time to energize and rejuvenate
Lasting friendships and unique memories

Be part of a unique experience and witness how much you can change in such a short time.

"I have immensely enjoyed this well structured space to take time for myself and at the same time sharing this experience with a group of lovely people." ​

Julia F.
Retreat Gran Canaria 2021

"It was Challenging, but i got a Kickstart for my own routines! Really nice Group and renato & Nini gave their best and opened a whole playground of opportunities!"

Andrea G.
Fall Retreat 2020

"More than expected. All my stress was gone. I haven't felt that great in a long time. Additionally, I made a lof of new experiences regarding my meditation practice. Amazing!"

Mirko M.
Fall Retreat 2020
Picture of Stefanie Grace in Warrior Pose and Renato Montanes doing a push up

Retreat Details

 – 9 Days / 8 Nights (October 23rd – 31st, 2021)
– Bali, Indonesia
– 2 Meals per day including tea,
coffee and delicious homemade vegetarian dishes & snacks

Daily Schedule

– Warm up Yoga and Qi Gong to ignite your inner fire 
– Primal Bodyweight Training – learn to completely own your body
– Reflective Meditation to integrate
– Wholesome Vegetarian Breakfast, yum

– “You” time 
– Human Dynamics – Spacial Awareness Practice through interactive connecting and learning
– Ligaya Yoga – The perfect combination of mobility, flexibility and joy of movement
– Guided Meditations to explore your inner world
– Afternoon Meal to restore and treat yourself

– Evening “You” time to spend however you please 

Swimming Pool Bali Retreat Ligaya Yoga

Find Your Inner Bliss

Some Frequently Asked Questions

“Good afternoon Renato! I’m just looking into booking. What will happen, if I have to cancel my participation due to cases of covid-19?” 

Pablo. C. – Madrid

You will get back every cent, even if it’s on the day the retreat begins. 

“Hi Guys! What if my flights are cancelled and I will not be able to attend?”

Monika S. Linz

Just send us proof of the circumstances of the cancellation and that there is no other way for you to come and we will reimburse you every cent. 

“Hi Nini! I am uncertain if I should book anything because of possible lockdowns!”

Randy P. – Manchester

If there is a lockdown issued and you can not leave or enter the country you will of course get 100% of your money back. 

“Hello. I just saw your add and was wondering what security measures in regards to covid you have in place at your retreat?

Anutosh C. – Basel

Everyone has to enter the island with a valid negative PCR-Test issued latest 48 hours prior to arrival and also provide us with a copy. That said there is enough space to uphold all distance regulations as to provide each participant more than 1.5 meters of space while practicing. There is desinfectant and masks available at all times and if someone shows any symptoms we personally take care of bringing the person immediately to the nearest testing facility to re-do a PCR-Test and helping with finding lodging outside of the retreat area as to keep everyone safe and minimize risks! 


About Us

Picture of Renato and Nini (Stefanie Grace)

Nini enjoys to move in different ways and learned – after difficult time in her life – to appreciate, respect and love her body. Since the last 10 years Yoga has become a big tool in her daily life.

<< Find out more about Nini >> 


Renato loves movement of both – the body and mind – functional training to help strengthen the body to serve our individual needs, and meditation as a tool to sharpen and train the mind.

<< Find out more about Renato >>


Join Us and become Part of an Ever Growing Family

Included in the Price

6+ Hours of daily learnings and practices:

Ligaya Yoga Practice – Focusing on mobility and inversions

Breathwork Immersion – How to utilise intentional breathing

Guided Meditations – Dreamwork, Shamanic journeys, Sleep yoga

Outdoor Workouts – In nature doing Parkour Exercises, Animal locomotion etc.

Functional HIIT – learn to use your own bodyweight to create more functionality

Beautiful island views of Bali 

Quality, clean & spacious accomodation

Beach within walking distance from accomodation

Locally sourced organic meals  

Airport transfer from the nearest airport

Additional Extras Included:

Balinese Massage at the From Stress to Bliss Ligaya Yoga Retreat

Balinese Massage

Enjoy a traditional balinese massage of the Floating Leaf Eco-Luxery Spa.

Balinese Water Temple From Stress to Bliss Ligaya Retreat

Balinese Watertemple

Excursion to the traditional balinese watertemple for puricfication.


First 8 sign ups get earlybird option with  30% OFF!  – p/p  € 1085.-

Regular Participation p/p  –  € 1550.- 

 ! Spots are limited !

<< Please contact us if you come from a location or Situation that can not afford this Pricing! We know and care for everyone who wants to join as much as we can! >>

Not Included in the Price

Travel Costs:  Flight, Visa, extra costs like PCR-Tests,…

Additional holiday expenses: Surfing or any other leisure activities, extra food, shopping,… 

Learn more about the Luxery Eco Hotel - The Floating Leaf

Event Details


October 23
— October 31, 2021




1.500 € check out our Early Bird option

Get more information by E-Mail and Book here

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